"Believe you can and you're halfway there."


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Theodore Roosevelt

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Make your  voice heard on Capitol Hill by voting and encouraging other people to register and then to vote, if you share my vision. Strengthen  programs that help build people up.

Urge Medicaid and Medicare expansion by removing the limits on social security tax. The limits are currently are a tax loophole for people earning more than $118,500 per year. This can be done in stages by removing the exemptions for capital gains and tax havens. Politically, very hard to do, but 95% of the people would benefit from it, and the upper 5% echelons would benefit through a revitalized consumer base.

Because of geographic isolation and knowledge suppression, most Americans are unaware of what they are not getting. Politically,large movements compatible with the Democratic Party-- even though the large movements reside outside the party -- are the only way to effect positive changes.